commercial real estate appraiser dallas fort worth

SouthPointe Solutions LLC has been providing commercial real estate appraisals in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex since 1993.

commercial real estate appraiser dallas fort worth


The field of our experience and expertise covers a wide variety of different types of structures for appraising and reason why clients like you would want your property appraised. Whether you want to refinance, or divorce settlement, probate or just for your own valuation, we can provide this valuable service.

commercial real estate appraiser dallas fort worth

Service Area

SouthPointe Appraisals is located in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.  Service areas for commercial appraisals includes the State of Texas and all its counties. Additional travel fees may apply for commercial appraisals outside the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

commercial real estate appraiser dallas fort worth

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SouthPointe offers the most competitive pricing the market for commercial real estate appraisals. However rates do vary depending on the size and location of your commercial property. Contact us today and to receive a quote on your valuation needs.

Who are our clients and why do they need us?

REAL ESTATE INVESTORS: Valuation Services and Consulting for Commercial Real Estate Appraisal is about knowing your area as much as it is knowing your market. Each segment of the Metroplex has a unique appeal to buyers and sellers. Having serviced the DFW Metroplex since 1993 as an Appraiser and a Real estate Investor, Jerry McKenzie is an expert in real estate marketing and locational decision making providing accurate market analysis for the professional real estate investor, real estate clubs and the real estate novice. Greater return on investment is a top priority for the investor and having a reliable source and database of knowledge of the top dollar, path of progress areas and markets is quantifiable in his appraisal expertise.

REGIONAL LENDERS: State and local banks have a heavy reliance on the independent contract appraiser. It is imperative for solid and accurate analysis for their portfolio holdings of real estate valuation not only to their Board members but for all of their banking clients as most of them are shareholders as well.  Turbulent real estate markets and knowledge of such is of high value to regional lenders. To the regional lender, being members of a community and providing support for well managed business loans to shareholders means years of good decision making profit margins and having an appraiser with a strong tie to the same local community helps.

NATIONAL LENDERS: Even with the onset of automated valuation services (AVS) and models (AVM), a good appraiser is still in demand with national lending institutions such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and BBVA/Compass who rely on the appraiser for field appraisals, desk top reviews, and other services to mitigate and protect them from potential losses on investments or loans while increasing profitability. Although national lenders now use Appraisal Management Companies to order basic appraisals for the standard bank client, there is a history of direct involvement with national lenders who were leaders in their field; merging and folding into the depths of the remaining commercial financial institutions.

LEGAL PROFESSIONALS: Litigation happens; valuation of property becomes crucial. Whether it is the death of a loved one probate settlement, divorce settlement or breaking ties with an equity business partner an impartial assessment and a third party independent evaluation has value to all participating legal parties. The professional Appraiser brings this and more to providing fair and accurate accounting of real estate property worth dividing. Each party anticipates the highest and best value within their realm of possibilities.

INDIVIDUALS-BUYERS AND SELLERS: Reasons for hiring a professional independent real estate appraiser is endless and goes beyond the basic questions for the seller of, “How much is my house worth?” or “How much should I list my house for?” And basic questions from a buyer, “Am I paying the right price?” and “Am I getting the right value for the neighborhood?”

Property rights and valuation negotiations have become more complex than ever before with buyers, sellers, agents and mortgage lenders as now we have another party in the mix: the AMC or the governmental injection of the Appraisal Management Company. Recently a friend showed me a job offer for an appraiser from a local AMC. In the job offer, one of the qualifications of the applicant was to be able to get the best value as possible from the appraiser disregarding USPAP or mortgage lending guidelines. Since an AMC will use the lowest possible bid for an appraiser, it is no wonder that they can manipulate these governmental and internal professional principals and guidelines.

Individual buyers and sellers should have the same trusted valuation service as other real estate industry professions. Therefore, it is not unusual for a single buyer or seller to order up an unbiased appraisal valuation on a prospective property for peace of mind.

FORCED SELLERS AND PROPERTY OWNERS: Eminent domain, escheat, abandoned and other government actions give way to the need for an accurate valuation service by a knowledgeable, objective appraiser.

The taking can be of all or part of a property. Examples of property that can be taken include land, an easement on a piece of land, improvements such as homes or barns, and rights to surface or ground water and must be taken for public use.

Governed by Texas Property Code Section 21.042,

adequate compensation’ is calculated based upon the market value of the property.  “Market value” is further defined as “the price the property will bring when offered for sale by one who desires to sell, but is not obligated to sell, and is bought by one who desires to buy, but is under no necessity of buying.”  Further, a landowner is entitled to receive the value of the “highest and best use” of the property, rather than the value of the property for which the landowner actually used the land.  For example, if a vacant lot was located in a commercially zoned area, the highest and best use of the property would likely be the value of a commercially developed property, rather than the value of a vacant lot.

Here the agency or court will order a general, cursory appraisal review to provide a basis for ‘adequate compensation’ or value to acquire title of land and property. Many times the forced seller, the forced property owner, probate, abandoned, escheat, or unusual property owner has the opportunity to hire an independent appraiser for valuation services and present those valuation findings to the district or county court, federal, state or local governmental body (or whoever has concurrent jurisdiction)  handling the reversion or commendation process.

REAL ESTATE BROKERS and REAL ESTATE AGENTS: This is rare as Brokers and Agents have access to the database resource of the area’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Comparable sold properties, leased properties and rental units are within the database giving way to most of the marketplace; services of an Appraiser in this context is unusual as the mortgage lender usually share this information with the real estate sales office.



Jerry McKenzie

Jerry McKenzie

General Certified Appraiser

Jerry has been a General Certified Appraiser in the Dallas Fort Worth area for over 20 years. He has recently published Investors Guide to Understanding Your Commercial Real Estate Appraisal and teaches at CCRET on how to invest in commercial real estate.